Our Mission

Our mission is to  jumpstart meaningful conversations about some of the the most important and interesting challenges facing humanity.

At Purpose Monster we believe that one of the simplest way to solve serious world issues is to get more people talking and thinking about them. We know that starting meaningful conversations can be difficult. It can be easy to get stuck on small talk until the conversation dies out. We want you to skip the small talk and dive right into the most interesting and important conversations with Purpose Monster products.

How Purpose Monster Works

Each of our products comes with a description of its origins and why it starts a conversation that matters. We hope that you learn something interesting here that you can share with others! We encourage you to let us know in the comments about what kind of conversations YOU had while using/wearing it.

Once you’re done shopping, you can make your way to our World Issues page to learn more about some of the most critical issues facing humanity today. We are always adding content – if you have any suggestion just send us an email at [email protected].

We’re also developing a Take Action page, which will be a collection  of concrete actions that you can personally take to help save the world, beyond just wearing shirts/using products/starting conversations.


the Purpose Monster team